Monday, 14 January 2013

lesson 7 Direct, Purposeful Experience and Beyond


                 Direct , purposeful experiences and beyond


          “From the rich experiences that our senses bring, we construct the ideas, the concepts, the generalizations that give meaning and order to our lives.” Are experiences of other people that we observe,read or hear about. They are not firsthand but rather vicarious experiences.People that we observe, read / hear about. They are not our own self-experiences but still experiences in the sense that we see, read and hear about them.
     The approximation of how much persons learn  through the Five Senses 75%- SIGHT, 13%- HEARING, 6%TOUCH, 3%- TASTE, 3%- SMELL. .
         1. Connect this graph to sensory experience for maximum learning.2. Any principle you learned from the principles of teaching that connects to learning by direct experiences?3. Our lack of understanding is often due to our lack of attention.4. How can we arrive at a more accurate interpretation of what we experience?
         You have the skill to lead the students in drawing generalization or abstraction about the direct experience for meaning. Firsthand sensory experience alone does not ensure adequate learning. For instance, teachers do a lot of preparation before they bring their children to get in direct contact with the City Council in session to realize their objectives.

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